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My So Called #QuarantineLife (Ch. 4)

We’ve been at this Quarantine Life now for more than two weeks and my state of Rhode Island found out today that remote learning will continue statewide through at least the end of April. I appreciate that my governor (Gina Raimondo) is taking it slower than the governors in states like Kansas, Virginia and Vermont… Continue reading My So Called #QuarantineLife (Ch. 4)

Mommy Mayhem

My So-Called #QuarantineLife (Ch. 2)

We are closing in on our first full week of the #quarantinelife and as with most things, there is beauty and frustration to be found. The stolen hugs from my children throughout the day, the comfort wear and a dog to pet or play fetch with any time of day are blessings. And I am… Continue reading My So-Called #QuarantineLife (Ch. 2)

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My So Called #QuarantineLife (Chapter 1)

Humor will be a vital part of the journey through this COVID-19 pandemic. In my case, much of that humor will emanate directly from my new reality being home with husband and three sons for the foreseeable future. I suspect many of you can relate. One of the ways I always tend to keep it… Continue reading My So Called #QuarantineLife (Chapter 1)