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Moms Say What? That’s Right.

In news you can’t use (but can probably relate to), the laundry (aka pops of color) continues to pile up this week though I did find 13 socks outside so that made the piles a bit smaller I guess. (On the bright side, while my dogs both love to grab socks and run outside with… Continue reading Moms Say What? That’s Right.

Planet Mom Radio

02 Parents and Data: Time to embrace the ‘D’ word. We can help.

On this episode of Planet Mom Radio, after getting through some bake sale banter, Keri and I discuss the D word. Data. We know it can be confusing, frustrating, and even seem like someone else’s problem. But we also know that it’s super important that parents understand their children’s schools by the numbers. At least some… Continue reading 02 Parents and Data: Time to embrace the ‘D’ word. We can help.

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This Week with Moms-in-Ed

Greetings from Chicago where I’m spending a long overdue couple days with my Ed Post colleagues. It was 70 degrees in my little state of Rhode Island and 25 degrees colder when I landed here in the Windy City. I really wish I had packed a jacket.  While people’s TVs and news feeds are ablaze… Continue reading This Week with Moms-in-Ed