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A Teacher and His Hats

I noticed (and was enjoying) on Facebook that David Upegui, a high school science teacher in Central Falls, Rhode Island, had developed an interesting ritual as a teacher now instructing from his home. So I asked him about it. Why the hats? When we asked students amass to switch their schooling experience and rely exclusively on… Continue reading A Teacher and His Hats

Mommy Mayhem · School Talk

My So Called #QuarantineLife (Ch. 3)

Hope everyone who can is staying home. I sure am—we haven’t left our yard for ten days with the exception of a walk with the dogs and that was me getting away from everyone else for a little while. It wasn’t their fault—I was impatient and frustrated. The walk didn’t really work to cure my… Continue reading My So Called #QuarantineLife (Ch. 3)