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My So Called #QuarantineLife (Chapter 1)

Humor will be a vital part of the journey through this COVID-19 pandemic. In my case, much of that humor will emanate directly from my new reality being home with husband and three sons for the foreseeable future. I suspect many of you can relate.

One of the ways I always tend to keep it real is by tweeting funny and frustrating things that happen in my life, including my own (frequent) failings. This is going to be an incredibly trying time—especially so for those who are looking at lost wages and entire businesses shutting down, not to mention serious illness. But humor and laughter and commiseration over the day to day insanity cannot cease. On the contrary, it needs to increase if we are to keep our immune systems strong and our spirits intact.

So here are the first couple days of My So Called #QuarantineLife

The tweet below was in response to the health food nuts on Twitter announcing where people could go for organic this and farm-fresh that.

He did it with a little time to spare!

Including this next one because it’s so important and plus, my Dad is so freaking adorable. (And so is Ethan’s grandma!)

This is also on a more serious note (and Lord I look like holy hell) but I do hope it helps parents set reasonable expectations and extend themselves some grace.

Now, Ivanka means well here but I can barely manage making salads as it is. Now she wants me to make salads and pack them for a pretend picnic in a fort that I made by taping brooms together?

Girl, Bye.

That’s all for now. I hope it made you smile and reminded you that perfect can never be the goal. Below is a serious piece I published at Project Forever Free —it has loads resources for parents who suddenly find themselves “doing school” at home.

Every community has —or is working on—plans for those struggling with food insecurity. Please reach out if you have questions about a specific city or school district and we will do whatever we can to get you the answers you need.

We will get through this—there will be laughter and there will be tears.

God bless all of you.

We got this.

What do you think?

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