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My So-Called #QuarantineLife (Ch. 2)

We are closing in on our first full week of the #quarantinelife and as with most things, there is beauty and frustration to be found. The stolen hugs from my children throughout the day, the comfort wear and a dog to pet or play fetch with any time of day are blessings. And I am lucky that my husband can work from home but there is no denying that two parents working from home with three kids also home inevitably has its ups and downs.

Food — ok, mostly snacks and definitely milk—are running out, delivery services are over-booked and marriage hardly lends itself to agreement over the meaning of the word “essential.” One might think “essential” means a trip to the emergency room for a broken collar bone while the other might think it means a trip to the gas station for milk, ice cream and beef jerky. It’s rare to find a couple whose level of worry is the same. Am I right?

But the humor and kindness naturally baked into the #quarantinelife will sustain us amidst the challenges and even horror we are seeing around us. And so will gratitude. At the moment, my job is easy —I just have to keep myself and my family home. But for our doctors and nurses (and their families) this is going to feel like war time. And our truckers, first responders, grocers and shelf-stockers are working around the clock for us. We thank them and we honor them by doing what they’ve asked of us and staying home.

And now, for a peek into my last day or two.

Below is a serious tweet that contains the link to the Rhode Island Covid-19 Response Fund. For my Rhode Island readers especially, if you are looking to do something but don’t know what, a donation to this fund is one way to get fast relief to where it’s needed in our state.

There have been arguments and moments of harmony, a loss of patience and a lot of love. We miss the grandparents so much but they are too special to put at risk so we are staying away and making them stay away. We love them too much to do it any other way at this point.

Signing off for now.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 of My So Called #QuarantineLife coming soon.

God bless you all as we work together to flatten the curve and to those putting themselves at risk on our behalf, thank you.

And now, I send you off with something beautiful and special and emblematic of how the goodness will get us through.

What do you think?

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