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Elizabeth Warren: Hey Parents, It’s Up To You to Fix Your Schools

Last night around 6 pm I became aware of an interview that Elizabeth Warren did a few weeks ago with the president of the National Education Association, one of the two teachers’ unions whose endorsement Democratic candidates grovel all over themselves in hope of getting.

Enter Liz Warren, private school parent who thinks parents owe it to their local school systems to stick around and, if they aren’t satisfied, step up to fix the problems.

No matter that Warren did nothing of the sort and instead, plucked her baby boy out of the system and enrolled him in private school from 5th through 12th grade. She is different. And special. And should not be expected to live by the standards that she imposing on everyone else who has less money, less influence and less power.

I was too mad last night to say anything coherent —but as often happens with me, the words started to flow today while I was driving home from school drop off…in my pajamas. So I pulled over.

What do you think?

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