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A Father’s Promise to Tell His Son’s Story

Jason Reid shares that “in March of 2018, my 14-year-old son died by suicide in the attic of our home while we were away on vacation. My seemingly perfect life was shattered to pieces. I was raising beautiful, smart and happy kids in my eyes. But what was really happening behind the scenes, deep in the soul of my son was hidden. We are never given a parent manual, but we are given the tools to help one another. I am on a mission to help parents change the conversation they have with kids.”

His son left two post-it notes in a drawer—one with all his usernames and passwords. The other with these 3 words: “Tell My Story.”

With suicide rates among teens on the rise—there has been a 70% increase since 2006—Jason Reid’s work is incredibly important. He puts out a call to action and part of it is that we share his message.



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