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This Happened in West Virginia Too—Does Anyone on Strike Even Know or Care?

A West Virginia mom knew something was wrong at her daughter’s school so she hid a recording device in the non-verbal child’s hair for one day. What she heard on the device when her daughter returned home confirmed her suspicions and explained why her daughter did not want to go to school. This story is even more grotesque in the context of a teachers’ strike that has one singular mission—to prevent parents from having alternative options for their children for whom their residentially assigned school is not working.

I haven’t heard any of the #RedforEd crowd speak out on behalf of these children. Or these mothers. So when the repeatedly say they are striking “for their students”, it simply isn’t true. They are striking to preserve a monopoly, a monopoly that keeps kids in classrooms like this.

The prosecutor for the county has confirmed that what happened to the children in their classroom is not “criminal” but added that she does not condone what happened. The three instructors are on paid administrative leave. These parents’ tax dollars continue to be used to pay the very people who have been verbally and emotionally abusing their children. And the teachers on strike—and the union leaders at its helm—want to be sure that those tax dollars stay put, regardless of what is best for the children.




Important update to this story:

From WV Metro News:

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has responded to abuse allegations at Berkeley Heights Elementary School by filing a human rights civil complaint. Standing in front of the Berkeley County Courthouse Tuesday, Morrisey said the filing in Berkeley County Circuit Court will seek to enforce the state’s Human Rights Act by holding those accountable who abuse children with disabilities. Those accused would be prohibited from working in education or childcare in the State of West Virginia. It also seeks a $5,000 civil penalty for each violation.

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