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Vesia Hawkins: Parents are Busy Making Choices

My Tennessee pal Vesia Hawkins weighed in on the recent report by EdChoice called Schooling in America and I must say that the findings that jumped out at Vesia also jumped out at me. According to the report, teachers overwhelmingly don’t trust parents and that makes for some head scratching for the millions of parents whose children currently spend their days in America’s classrooms.

In Schooling in America, the most striking survey finding reveals teachers trust parents about as much as most of us trust Congress to get things done. As a mother, and now, recently, grandmother living in Nashville, I’ve been a keen observer of our public school system over the last several years and parents are treated as an afterthought. I’ve seen how they placate parents with head nods and polite smiles but rarely take them seriously. So the finding makes some sense, but I’m really having a hard time getting my head around it!

I think the rest of us are having a hard time too, Vesia! Click here to read the rest of Vesia’s insightful piece and learn more about the report’s findings, some of which are sure to surprise you.

And thank you to my friend Vesia for always standing up for parents and families. I love you, lady.


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