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Her Son’s Professor Says that Access to Quality Education is No Longer a Problem in Her City…Say What?

Cheryl Kirk is a mom from Indianapolis who knows a lot about access—and lack of access—to quality education. She knows that the playing field isn’t level and her two older children, who attended school through a voucher program, know it too. Her son is in his first year of college and was given the assignment of identifying a problem in his community.

He decided to write about “the lack of quality education options for poor and minority children.” The professor, stunningly, denies this problem and makes the claim that access to quality education is a problem that has already been solved.

Mom thought maybe he should just change topics to avoid trouble; but the son refused to be dissuaded from calling out a problem that he knows to be very real in his home city still today in 2018.

The mother in me told my son maybe he should choose another problem because his instructor obviously didn’t approve of the one he chose, but he refused. He said, “This is a problem in my community. I’m in college watching so many of my classmates struggle, and some are leaving at the end of the semester mostly because they just weren’t prepared.”

To read Cheryl’s full piece, click here. If you’ve had anything similar happen with professors, elected leaders, or just in passing conversation, let us know. We can’t fix what people won’t even admit is broken, right?

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