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RI School Report Cards Are Out and Dan McGowan Has the Scoop

No, they aren’t Amazon reviews. They are school ratings. How many stars does your kid’s school have? Or the school down the street? Or the school you’ve always heard is so great? Or bad?

Well, now you can find out thanks to Rhode Island’s new school rating system and unsurprisingly, WPRI’s Dan McGowan has written a great explainer that will help all of us—during these busy pre-holiday days—to understand what the new rating system, what it means, and how it works. While it is my pleasure to provide you with this screenshot (below) of the basic information Dan provides, you will have to click the link to read about the 5 star schools, the 1 star schools, and everything in between, to include student and teacher absenteeism scores and a copy of the actual rubric used to determine how many stars each school receives.

To read Dan McGowan’s “12 Things to Know About RI’s New School Rating System”, click here. You’l be glad you did.





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