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NPR Reporter Sets the Record Straight on NYT Series about Kids and Screens

The New York Times recently recently published a series of articles on topic of screens and kids. Parents—particularly those who can’t afford screen-hiding nannies!—found the articles terrifying.  The series predictably shot around social media quickly as moms and dads wondered internally and out loud, how can our kids exist—and maintain their mental health— in a world that is so reliant on devices and screens.

Anya Kamenetz is a reporter at NPR who has studied the issue of screens and kids in depth and she took issue with the NYT pieces because she saw them as strong on anecdote but weak on evidence and she said so. It’s not to say that we, as parents, don’t need to monitor and set boundaries around screen time but

She went on to post a twitter thread to inform folks of what we actually do know about kids and screens.


Thank you Anya for sharing your knowledge and expertise in an effort to calm the hysteria that ensues when the New York Times and other outlets publish series like this one, that rely on anecdote more than research and evidence. If nothing else, you have brought some nuance to a conversation fraught with uncertainty and anxiety for parents.



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