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Meet my Edu-Peeps!

The Education Post staff and its national network of bloggers recently convened in Montgomery, Alabama for our #EdPostSummit18. We are current and former teachers and principals. We are current and former organizers—one is even a former union organizer. We are parents. And grandparents. We are from everywhere and our blogs reflect that: California, Philly, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Atlanta, Nashville, Oklahoma, Denver, San Antonio and Florida. We don’t all think the same way—phew!—or believe the same thing—not even close!— but we are all fiercely committed to the idea that a quality education is a fundamental right that is being denied to way too many American students, especially those who have been historically marginalized and cast aside. We want to hear your stories and even help you to tell them to the world. And we want schools to be better for everyone.

I’m so very grateful for this team. (And to those not pictured, I’m grateful for you too.)

What do you think?

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