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Hashtags and Boycotts: Responses to the Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas

Another school shooting means another news cycle of agreement that “enough is enough” but disagreement over what needs to change to stem the carnage we saw again, this time at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas.

Eighteen-year-old Andrew Schneidawind started the hashtag #IfIDieInASchoolShooting over the weekend in response to the latest school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. Taylor Swaak has the story at The 74.

‘All of These Tweets Are People’s Futures’: After Texas Tragedy, Hashtag #IfIDieInASchoolShooting Gives Voice to Students’ Despair

And two former Obama administration education officials have come out in favor of parents keeping their kids home from school after Labor Day and until Congress takes action on gun control. The idea originated in a tweet by Peter Cunningham, Education Post’s Executive Director and former Assistant Secretary for Communications and Outreach during President Obama’s first term. Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan retweeted it, calling it a “brilliant” idea and saying his family is “all in.”


When asked what laws he would specifically like to see passed at the federal level, he lists 3.

Duncan has been all over the media since his tweet heard ’round the world and he acknowledges the logistical nightmare this boycott would be for most parents; he points out, however, that it can’t compare to the nightmare of kids getting shot and killed in school. Point taken.

So, would you keep your kids home from school indefinitely as a way to protest gun violence in America?

Do you support the policy changes cited by Duncan?

Will people who live in states that already have strict gun laws be motivated to need participate?

With a nation as divided as ours on how to tackle the issue of gun violence, it’s likely that American parents will be divided on this boycott idea too. But if nothing else, the proposed school boycott is a conversation starter. So let’s talk about.


Note: Erika is a consultant for Education Post, the organization run by Peter Cunningham. 

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