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Florida Teacher Outed for Secret Life as White Nationalist, Removed From Classroom

If people wonder what is contributing to the growing number of homeschoolers in America, a phenomenon we especially see growing in the Black community, stories like this should help them to understand. While I can’t imagine my three white children sitting in a classroom with a white nationalist , I can’t pretend to understand the terror that a mother of color would feel knowing that the teacher at the front of the classroom thought so little of my children’s humanity. The law that obligates parents to send their children to a school that, in most cases, is chosen for them doesn’t leave room for the very real truth that there are bad people who infiltrate the places that serve children and school is no exception.

From the Huffington Post: 

And from her (now deleted) Twitter account:


It appears that as soon as the school district was notified of the what Huffington Post reporters had discovered, they took swift action in putting out a statement, removing the teacher from the classroom, and launching an investigation.

I will keep following this story as it unfolds but here is an excellent piece by my Chicago friend Tracy Del’Angella about the story. Let’s just suffice it to say that white nationalism—and secret racist identities—have absolutely no place in our classrooms. This woman, this teacher, is a purveyor of hate and our children, all children, deserve to be shielded from that when they walk into school.

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