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Moms on a Super Bowl School, School Discipline, an Anti-Military Rant, a Reunion with Students, and, Ugh, Laundry!


It’s Friday—yeah baby—but that means that I will spend much of my time later today searching frantically for all three of my son’s basketball uniforms. I think they’re washed and folded somewhere but figuring out which basket of clothes they may be hiding in is always an overwhelming challenge for me and since all three uniforms are identical other than their size, it is a task that I put off until the last possible moment. Handling laundry is not one of my strengths and rather than put away clothes—or insist that all the other people in my house do it—I prefer to think of my laundry piles as a home decorating technique that adds pops of color to the home palate. So in an effort to feel more multi faceted, artsy even, I will cuddle with my dogs and look at these beautiful examples of how a splash of color really can make all the difference.

Friday also means that there is lots of awesome—and important—writing to be read and shared by Moms who care deeply about education and this week is no exception. So find a comfy spot and click away on these stories that some Moms we love took the time to tell.

Beth Hawkins of The 74 found a way to connect the upcoming Super Bowl with an important question about the Minneapolis high school that is being celebrated before the game. Their athletic success absolutely is worthy of praise and recognition but why isn’t anybody also talking about the fact that 90% aren’t performing at grade level. 

In 2016, just four of 54 11th-graders tested in math passed the exam, and only two of 42 10th-graders passed reading. Last year, eight sophomores out of 69 tested read at grade level, but not one junior passed the math exam.

Why Is the NFL Using Super Bowl Weekend to Celebrate a High School Where 90% of Students Are Graded ‘Falling Behind’?

Leticia Chavez-Garcia is mom (and grandma!) in California. This week at La Comadre, she shares her thoughts on the vile words spoken by a California teacher about our nation’s military and let’s just say, she doesn’t pull any punches. (We actually cross-posted this piece here at Good School Hunting too.)

He is not an anomaly. In fact, most people would be shocked and disgusted by some of the vile things that teachers tell our kids, not to mention how outraged they would be at the behaviors of some teachers as well. Many teachers treat your children with an unparalleled level of disrespect. I have seen it.

My Thoughts on Gregory Salcido, Pico Rivera Councilman and El Rancho High Teacher

Shawnta Barnes, mom and educator in Indianapolis shares her prepared testimony at the state house on the issue of school discipline.

Now, as a parent, both of my black sons have been suspended from preschool at one point in time. They entered preschool with many skills including how to read basic books.  They were bored and not interested in completing work they already knew which led to outbursts.  Instead of finding engaging work for them on their level or helping them learn the structure of school, they were suspended.  Staying at home didn’t help them work through this issue in the classroom and it did not give their teachers an opportunity to learn how to best coach them to acclimate to the school environment.

You can find her entire piece at IndyEd here. 


And here’s one from me, Erika. I was all aglow after reuniting with my former students this week and getting some long overdue ‘girl time’ while helping them on their college essays. And the experience brought to mind how the college application process really is another example of a playing field that we must work to make more level.

I Had the Best Time With My Former Students This Week: Girl Time, College Essays, and Lots of Laughs


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