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Dick’s Sporting Goods Gets an A and the Washington Post Gets an F

This Store Listened, Reflected and Took Action


It didn’t take a change in law for Dick’s Sporting Goods to change course when it comes to their sale of firearms. They watched a tragedy unfold before their eyes, listened to students (on the topic of gun violence, and made a decision to do things differently. We have heard you. The nation has heard you. … The systems in place are not effective to protect our kids and our citizens.

Good for them. With three sports obsessed sons, I spend more time at Dick’s Sporting Goods than any sane person would ever consider normal and while I’ve never visited their gun section since shooting isn’t my thing, I applaud this decision as a Mom, former educator, and frequent customer.

Bad on You Washington Post


Education writer Alexander Russo has written a comprehensive deep dive on how the Washington Post dropped the ball so badly on the issue of graduation rates in the nation’s capital. He points to a variety of factors that contributed to their unwillingness or inability to dig in to what many considered to be an “open secret” in DC including relationships between reporters and the school district’s communication staff, infrequent public meetings, almost constant turnover of reporters on the education beat, and as Jay Matthews put it, “either business or laziness.”

How the Washington Post missed the DC schools graduation rate scandal so badly, for so long

I have been following and talking/writing about the DC story since it broke November 28th and I’m grateful that Russo took the time to do an autopsy on what happened at the newspaper that should have been the most on top of what turned out to be a scandal of epic proportions with potentially lifelong consequences for kids. The piece really is a must read.


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