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Episode 04: Sanzi Flies Solo and Talks Phony Grad Rates, an Amazing Teacher, and Tom Brady

This week on Planet Mom Radio, I’m flying solo because Keri is away on a vacation with her boys—she surprised them with their first plane ride ever and a trip to Disney World! And I can’t lie, the pictures she is posting of the trip are pure joy. It is soooo not the same on Planet Mom Radio without her but I do my best to cover a few interesting stories while she rides roller coasters and lounges by the pool with her adorable posse. (Keri also has written a very personal piece about her trip including about a painful incident involving her oldest son who has special needs. It is a must read so click here.)


The Episode:

In the wake of more and more male mega stars falling from grace amidst allegations of sexual misconduct and even assault, I am reminded of all the men with whom I have worked who behave exactly as they should in the work place. And I say so.

I briefly celebrate my former students who finally have a high school building (and a gym and a field!) to call their own. Then we dig into a recent NPR piece about a 100% graduation at a DC High School wasn’t what it seemed and how we should all be wary of increasing graduation rates without seeing evidence that students have actually met the requirements to earn a diploma. In the DC case, some students who had missed 3 months of school during their senior year still graduated on time, with their classmates. Some of their teachers had a major problem with that.

Speaking of teachers, I also share a story about my son’s 7th grade Social Studies teacher who is one of the best teacher’s I have ever experienced as a parent. Find out what makes him so great and why I am so grateful for the work he does. (And he he has agreed to come on the podcast so, yay!)

Lastly, I include a recent story in the news about a Massachusetts high school football coach who is battling cancer and the very cool surprise that one of his players pulled off for him. Hint: Tom Brady fans (and foes alike) will like this.


Episode Details:

  • Why it’s important to look to the men who are doing their jobs correctly in the workplace (not sexually harassing anyone), and to bring up our boys to be like those men. And to speak up.
  • When a graduation rate is not what it seems, and why we’re failing students by letting them graduate unprepared
  • My own son’s amazing history teacher, Mr. Connolly!
  • A heartwarming story about a High School football coach battling cancer, and Tom Brady!
  • Shout out to Keri’s oldest son Matthew for his birthday (and one for her too just because.)

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