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The Good Stuff: Some Reasons to Smile

Sometimes it’s just good to find reasons to smile and schools are great places for that. So, we are staying away from the noise today and just taking a moment to enjoy the good stuff. I mean, we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving.  And I’m thankful for all of this.

Ms. Lundgren is back!

It’s so hard when a beloved teacher takes time off—even when it’s to have a beautiful baby and bond with her for a few months—but there is nothing better than when that same teacher returns. This picture of Hilary Lundgren’s first day back at West Broadway Middle School in Providence after her maternity leave says it all. I mean, she is literally beaming while the kids swarm her with love. Welcome back Mama Lundgren! To read a piece I wrote last year about West Broadway Middle School, click here.



We’ve Got a Blue Ribbon Over Here!

There is a school right by my house—I can literally hear recess and field day when I’m on my front steps—and they just received a national award. That’s right. Community School in Cumberland, Rhode Island is the first school in the district’s history to be named a National Blue Ribbon School. Congratulations to all of you, both staff and students, for your hard work, academic achievement, and national recognition. To read more, click here.

All photos courtesy of the Valley Breeze



The Cutest Kids in Tulsa?

I had the distinct privilege of visiting Oklahoma in September and one of the best places I got to spend some time is a new school called Greenwood Leadership Academy. It is a ‘partnership school’ which means it is a charter school that is part of the Tulsa Public Schools system. But perhaps the best part is that the school includes Pre-K which means the level of adorableness in the building RIDICULOUS!. I’m serious. I had the pleasure of meeting the school’s leader too. His name is Kojo (and he is the tallest one in the photo below.) To read more about this promising school serving the children of North Tulsa, click here. 

Awesome, right? I’m proud to know folks in all of these places where really good things are happening for kids. So thanks, guys. Your work matters. A lot.












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