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01 An Introduction to Planet Mom Radio

Here’s Keri (and her baby, David!)
1st day of school for my Tommy and Matthew, 2017

Planet Mom Radio has finally launched and Keri and I are thrilled to be talking education and motherhood with Moms from anywhere and everywhere. (Dads, we hope you’ll tune in too!) In this inaugural episode of Planet Mom Radio, Keri and I discuss who we are and how this podcast came to be as well what our goals are for the show. Our mission is to help simplify the education conversations constantly swirling around all of us. Edu-speak can be intimidating and full of jargon—we are determined to help break it down so that all of us can be more confident about our roles in the education of our children and all children.

And we will also just talk about motherhood and all the ways in which it can feel isolating and exhilarating and leave us wondering so often, am I even doing a good job at this whole Mom thing?

Please join us to learn, laugh, and contribute—we want to hear from you about what’s on your mind when it comes to your kids’ schools.

If you enjoy the episode—and we know you will!— please consider leaving us a rating and review on iTunes. That is the best way to help spread the word as we launch our show!

Episode Details:

  • What this new podcast will cover, and why parents matter 0:53
  • How Keri became interested in making schools better for all kids 1:45
  • How Erika became interested in bettering education for all after experiencing excellent public schools herself 3:36
  • The goal for the podcast of elevating diverse voices around education 6:09
  • Evaluating privilege and why some parents become disenfranchised 6:40
  • About Massachusetts Parents United 9:13
  • Erika’s work telling others’ stories about education 10:05
  • The institutional racism that exists in our school system 12:05
  • How we want our listeners to engage in the podcast and add their voices 18:14
  • Why it’s important to share stories and laugh about motherhood in support of one another 22:12

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