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Greetings from Chicago where I’m spending a long overdue couple days with my Ed Post colleagues. It was 70 degrees in my little state of Rhode Island and 25 degrees colder when I landed here in the Windy City. I really wish I had packed a jacket.  While people’s TVs and news feeds are ablaze with more sexual harassment allegations and talk of dossier funders, I am blessed to be spending time with incredibly thoughtful folks from Denver, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Chicago, and Atlanta talking about how we can elevate the voices of parents in their search for better schools for their children.

I am also trying to avoid thinking about the very real chance that my car is being towed from the airport in Providence as I type this. But when you are running super late and there is no sign indicating that the lot is full, what option does one have other than to invent a spot on the roof of the garage? And in my defense, I barely made my flight (they were half way through boarding when I got to the gate) so any other parking action on my part was, obviously, out of the question. 

I’ve already decided that if my car—minivan, actually—is gone when I get home, I am calling an Uber instead of my husband. 

What I’m Reading

Inside out, OMG.

Well, now that I’m done reading all my friends’ texts making fun of me for inadvertently wearing my outfit inside out, again, for the second time in the same month, I can move on to the transcriptions of the voicemails from the pediatrician’s office. Wait, what? Well, my middle son ended up at Urgent Care two days in a row—potential strep throat (test was negative) and a thumb slammed in my husband’s car door. Is it wrong to say that these things don’t happen when I’m in charge?

In addition, I started the book Three Cups of Tea on the plane and am also in the midst of the book written by a former TFA teacher called ‘Reading with Patrick.’

Watch This

Meet a Nashville Mom who spends her days working hard to raise awareness and fight back against devastatingly low literacy rates and stunning achievement gaps. She knows what it’s like to overcome huge obstacles and she is a fighter for other people’s kids. The best part? She’s my friend, Vesia.



And get ready to become a Burger King fan if you aren’t already one. Their anti-bullying PSA is so powerful, you will want a Whopper after you see it. Bravo Burger King.



 Moms-in-Ed Lean In

This is where we celebrate moms working hard on education quality and equity for other people’s kids as well as their own. This week, we have pieces from Indiana, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. 

News You Can Use by Keri Rodrigues



When Teachers Fear Parents the Child Loses by Shawnta Barnes


Rape, or “Boundary Violations?” Minnesota’s Teacher Discipline Agency Made this Call in Private for Decades by Beth Hawkins



Have a great weekend everyone. Good luck stealing your kids’ best candy!








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