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Warrior Mom, Gwen Samuel: No Gray Area When It Comes to Keeping Our Babies Safe in School

Gwen Samuel is an unapologetic advocate for children whose work started in Hartford, Connecticut and whose commitment to empowering parents to work for justice is unwavering. While many doubt the ability of regular folks to bring about change, Gwen proves it is possible and she has inspired countless parents and lawmakers along the way —including me.

For Gwen, there is no gray area when it comes to protecting students and she continues to pound the drum for parents’ rights and for the safety and protection of children in the classroom. She isn’t afraid to talk about the horrendous abuses that are documented in Connecticut classrooms she boldly calls out all who work to hide abuse and protect adults before kids.

No matter where you live, Gwen’s words will resonate and she has ideas that can help you fight on behalf of your children and all children.

Whether on FaceBook Live or her TV Show “Article Eight”, she will make you laugh, make you cry, and then help propel you forward to fight for kids and for justice.

She is a true Warrior Mom, putting herself out there every day on behalf of other people’s kids (and her own kids too.)


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