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Planet Mom Radio Comes to My Kitchen in Rhode Island. Twice!

Planet Mom Radio is back and has been broadcasting live from my kitchen—despite the distractions of kids walking around, dogs barking, and mounds of laundry, we still managed to talk about lots of mom stuff and school stuff.

The first episode here touches on how much food kids go through during the summer, how my son can’t attend our neighborhood school because there is no room for him, and how some UMass professors came at Keri and the new organization she leads called Massachusetts Parents United. (I came to her defense here and parent leader Rodolfo defended the organization and set the record straight here.)



We recorded this next episode with lots of little boys running around as Keri brought her brood down to my house for a visit (and a swim!) and some Planet Mom Radio. Meet her youngest, Miles, who could totally touch in the shallow end.

In this broadcast, Keri celebrates going sleeveless and working to overcome the whole “I hate my arms” thing that is way too common among us women. We talk about the NAACP’s big convention in Baltimore and shout out our friends who are there, sharing what they are seeing/learning and pushing back on an education platform that flies in the face of what more than 70 percent of Black parents support. Keri talks about parents on the march in Springfield, MA to take back their school and I share that my oldest son plays tomorrow night for the state Little League Championship. Go Cumberland American!

Thanks for watching. Check out Planet Mom Radio on Twitter and Facebook too! Find each of us on Twitter too: @esanzi, @radiokeri

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