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Planet Mom Radio from Chicago: We Got Guests and One is a Hell of a Singer

Windy City or Bust!

Planet Mom Radio has been in Chicago for the past fews and enjoying the privilege of meeting so many education advocates and parents from all over the country. Keri and I talk about two highly successful schools that are under attack in MA and RI and then we shifted to hosting guests – they are a national nonprofit founder, mothers, fathers, educators. What they have in common is their commitment to quality education for ALL kids and they are willing to take fire from all sides in their fight to achieve it.

The highlight of this episode comes at the end of our talk with Bernita Bradlee who sings for us (we asked her to!). A beautiful voice and lyrics that are so fitting for the work we all trying to do.

These are folks who are living this work every day. Some are with kids every day, others are working to help other parents navigate schools closures and find better options for their children and grandchildren. One is working to get more black men into teaching so that young black children can see themselves in at least a few of their teachers. And they are trying hard to redefine parent engagement so that parent voices can at the table where the big decisions are made.

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the wisdom and love from these bold voices from New York, Philly, Detroit, and Nashville. Keri and I are lucky to call them friends.


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