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Planet Mom Radio: The Petty Party (and Happy Mother’s Day!)

In our latest episode, which we aptly named “The Petty Party” we talk about bad behavior of adults all around. As we often say, the fish rots from the head so it’s fitting that the worst behavior came from President Trump during the annual convening of all the Teachers of the Year in Washington, DC. From the reports, this year didn’t look at all like past years. In fact, President Trump couldn’t even muster the decency to stand up from his desk to present Sydney Chaffee with the award for National Teacher of the Year.

The Rhode Island Teacher of the Year reflects here on his experience in the nation’s capital.

But the bad behavior doesn’t end there. Unions at the national and local level as well as heavily union influenced pols made a conscious decision not to congratulate Sydney Chaffee. Wait, what? Yup, it’s true. And her crime? She teaches at a charter school in Dorchester and those folks don’t like charter schools, even when the children are them are being served as well as Sydney’s students are.

We also talk a bit about motherhood since Keri’s youngest son was pretty mad at her. Again.

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Thanks for stopping by and a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you fabulous moms out there kicking ass and taking names every single day.



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