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Big Loophole in RI (and MA) Consent Law and My First Visit to a local TV studio

It’s always exciting when you have something to say and someone else with a platform wants to hear it. Lucky for me, Rhode Island’s Dan Yorke of WPRO and Dan Yorke State of Mind on Fox Providence was interested in learning more about our total weak sauce consent law in Rhode Island that lacks any provision about sexual relationships between teachers and students. Massachusetts is the only other state in New England who has failed on this front.



The election of the Emmanuel Macron in France (who fell in love with and subsequently married his teacher) provided an opening into the conversation and I am most grateful to Dan and his team for allowing me to share information as well as my thoughts on an issue that matters if we are really in the business of protecting children. It’s also a no-brainer.

As I have learned over the years, we often leave things out that we wish we had said and my visit to Dan Yorke State of Mind is no exception. Stay tuned for what I’ll call “The Leftovers”, all the incredibly smart stuff that has come into my mind since I taped the show.

We briefly talk free college tuition too — and Dan’s first response to my answer is, “ok, get out!”

And with that, grab some popcorn.




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