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Planet Mom Radio: Shaming Parents, The Opt-Out Non-Movement, RI’s New Partnership with Mass, Giraffes, and American Ninja Warrior too!

This week during our weekly chat, there was lots to talk about, as there always is. (I also made the giant mistake of chewing gum during this week’s episode so I apologize for that and promise it will never happen again! I thought spitting gum into a piece of paper would be a bad look but clearly, chomping on gum is also a very bad look.)

Keri bemoaned how her son was so mad at her and talked about the Opt-Out Non-movement, despite a recent front page story in her community paper. I reflected on some local budget conversations in my community and criticized how unfair it is when parents bare their souls for the greater good only to find out that they were never told the truth in the first place. We also talk about Rhode Island’s new partnership with Massachusetts around testing and debate worthwhile television and online viewing options; it was basically a giraffe birth vs. American Ninja Warrior.

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