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Two Moms, 6 Sons Between Us, and a Whole Lot of Education Stuff to Talk About…

We may not be fancy but Keri Rodriguez and I have a whole lot to talk about when it comes to educating kids and respecting parents as the stakeholders with the most skin in the game. While we muddle through the technical challenges of getting our official podcast ‘Planet Mom’ recorded and edited and work towards our inaugural broadcast on 102.7 FM, we continue to broadcast in a primitive but effective way: Facebook Live. 

The past two weeks we’ve attempted to get both of us in the camera shot but today we each streamed our own Facebook Live videos — mine has me (and Keri when I flipped the camera towards her) and hers was shot on a tripod and never moves off of her. 

For now, here’s my version. (Facebook won’t let me embed hers so I’ll need her to send me the embed code and then I can add it.)

Topics today included: 

  • Boston mayoral candidate Tito Jackson’s “education town hall” which he announced with 36 hours notice.
  • The Rhode Island Promise scholarship proposal which would provide students two years of free college at one of our three public colleges and universities. (URI, RIC, and CCRI)
  • The obsession over the new Headmaster at Boston Latin while other schools get very little attention when it comes to their administrative hires. 
  • The gripping story of a Providence teacher in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction who has chosen to share his story with his students and the world. And what are the implications for students and parents?


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