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Betrayal from Warren, Bold Leadership from Lynch

Elizabeth Warren has some nerve composing this tweet on the very same day that she announced she would be voting against lifting the cap on charter schools this November in her home state of Massachusetts. Her complete reversal on public school choice is the quintessential example of someone caring more about themselves than about the greater good.

Here is her announcement regarding her No vote on Question 2:


Looks like Senator Warren is officially introducing the new version of herself to Massachusetts families and that is going to be very disappointing for low income parents of color with children on charter school wait lists. You see, the old Elizabeth Warren scoffed at the idea of even referring to schools in wealthy zip codes as public schools.  In her 2003 book, co-written with her daughter, she called for a universal system of choice. A universal system of choice. But today, she has officially and publicly put her own political aspirations ahead of Massachusetts students. And parents. And that is unforgivable, especially for someone who claims to be oh so very progressive.

Not anymore, Liz.

These Progressives Are Really Just Frauds

I have lost my patience for these self-proclaimed progressives who have somehow convinced themselves that denying school choice to poor black and brown families puts them on some moral high ground. Especially since none of them would ever be willing to enroll their own children in the very schools that parents are fleeing in droves. Parents are voting with their feet in greater numbers every year but Elizabeth Warren doesn’t care, at least not as much as she cares about her re-election bids, her political stardom, and the union money pouring into her campaign coffers.

MA Does Have One True Champion for Kids

Congressman Steven Lynch stands up for Question 2 outside Boston Collegiate, the charter schools he helped found almost twenty years ago.

In total contrast to Senator Warren, Representative Stephen Lynch, Democrat, has shown himself to have a moral courage that is increasingly rare in our elected leaders. While Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Senator Elizabeth Warren turn away from families and bow down to pay their union debts, Lynch is standing tall and proud on behalf of parents, including those feeling pressure to move out of Boston precisely because of school quality.  In fact, Lynch was so troubled by the trend of families with school aged children leaving the city that almost two decades ago he (along with two others) helped to found a charter school in Dorchester, Boston Collegiate.

The Dorchester Reporter tells the story really well here:

Standing flanked by Question 2 supporters, Lynch said charter schools can help retain Boston families who may choose to move out to the suburbs in search of a quality education if it isn’t immediately available through public schools.

Such a trend spurred the creation of Boston Collegiate almost two decades ago, the congressman said, as “we were losing the heart and soul of our city: our students.”

So he, Brett Peiser, and Susan Fortin pursued and were granted a charter, opening a school with an initial nine teachers and 120 students.

Now, of the 684 students between 5th and 12th grade currently enrolled at BCCS, 357 hail from Dorchester. The school has maintained 100 percent college acceptance rates for the last 13 years, according to Executive Director Shannah Varon.

“I could not be prouder,” Lynch said after a tour of the school guided by two senior students. “You know, Massachusetts charter schools are among the best in the nation. I serve in the United Stated Congress, so I see what everybody else is doing with their charter schools.”

He compared Washington D.C., which has about 40 percent of its students in charter schools, with the approximately 4 percent across Massachusetts. More than 30,000 students across the state are on waiting lists for charter schools, around 2,000 of them waiting for Boston Collegiate.

The dynamic between traditional public schools and charter schools can be strained at times, Lynch noted.

“I think it’s healthy having competition among systems,” he said. “The parents and the children of the school behind me, Boston Collegiate Charter, were seeking opportunity, seeking to have a brighter future for their children. This is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse, racially diverse schools in the city of Boston, and the one commonality between all those races of all those children and their parents is they love their children and they want them to succeed.”

Question 2 could be a critical turning point in the journey towards educational equality in the state,” Lynch said, “and it’s crucial that all families in the Commonwealth have the opportunity to choose the best option for their child, whether that is a traditional public school or a public charter school


So, there is reason for hope and despair in Massachusetts today. Representative Lynch gives us hope that at least some elected officials are still the real deal.  And Elizabeth Warren reminds us that far too many are not.


What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Betrayal from Warren, Bold Leadership from Lynch

  1. Looks like Senator Warren is officially introducing the new version of herself to Massachusetts families and that is going to be very disappointing for low income parents of color with children on charter school wait lists.

    And yet they will vote overwhelmingly for her if she runs in 2018…simply because she has that (D) next to her name on the ballot…

    and the $1M plus that education/teachers union gave to Warren in 2012..hmm..when Ms. Warren stated “Their vision is clear: ‘I’ve got mine, and the rest of you are on your own.” in reference to Republicans..sounds an awful like pot calling the kettle black..

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