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37 graduates representing 12 countries are Boston’s 2016 Valedictorians

Boston Public Schools boasts thirty seven high school valedictorians this year and that is awesome. But what makes it even more awesome, and noteworthy, is that these superstar students represent twelve countries.

As reported by the Boston Globe:

Student speaker Bilal Lafta, valedictorian at Boston Community Leadership Academy in Hyde Park, brought some in the crowd to tears as he described his family’s journey from their home in Baghdad, to a refugee camp, to the United States during the Iraq War.

“Let us not forget our stories, our paths, and the events that motivated us,” Lafta challenged them. “It’s my family, my teachers, and my community that has given me this freedom. But it’s imperative that we realize there are people who do not have the same opportunity we have been blessed with.” -Bilal Lafta, who is headed to Brown University in the Fall

Bravo to all of the students wrapping up the year and a special shout out to those who made it to number one in their class despite tremendous challenges that so many of us can barely even imagine.

You are our future and that is a good thing. Thank you for sharing your stories and your plans for the fall with all of us.

To watch a video featuring all of Boston’s valedictorians, click here.

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