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Rise Prep will rise!

Sometimes hearing No is a good thing and it certainly was yesterday when a Rhode Island judge said NO to an injunction that would have prevented RISE Prep Mayoral Academy from opening this year. Children and families can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their children will be donning their spiffy new uniforms, hopping on buses, and shaking hands with teachers as planned on the first day of school this coming Monday.

Rise Prep Mayoral Academy, a regional public charter school to serve Woonsocket, Burrilville, and North Smithfield, has been given the green light to stay the course with its approved opening despite repeated efforts by opponents to shut them down just days before their planned opening.

The hero in this story has really been Paulette Hamilton, the courageous Town Administrator from North Smithfield, who has remained staunchly on the side of kids despite a lot of political ugliness, including a failed petition for her to be recalled.

“The ruling this morning validates what I have always believed; that children should come first,” Hamilton said. “It’s not always easy to stay the course but when it’s the right thing to do, it’s imperative to keep the goal in sight.” (Valley Breeze, 8/26/15)

Having personally sat through hours of testimony during RISE Prep’s approval process and endured the lies and gross misrepresentations coming from those in opposition – with the prize going to Woonsocket Teachers Guild President, Jeff Partington – it’s no surprise that attempts to thwart the school’s opening continued after official approval was granted.

Taxpayers are funding this fight against RISE Prep. Let’s hope those planning to push the  litigation forward will remember whose money their spending and whose school they’re trying to close.

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